Other Biotech Research Projects under MARI

BREAD: Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development (Co-PI). SatII and satIII-Resistance breaking satellite DNAs associated with cassava mosaic disease in Sub Saharan Africa. National Science Foundation (USA)/North Caroline State University (NCSU) (2011-2014).



SASHA: Sweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa (PI)


The International Potato Center (CIP) (2010-2012).

-Develop and validate new sweetpotato virus diagnostic methods suitable for indexing and testing breeding and planting material.

-Assist with training of regional scientists in sweetpotato virus indexing and testing.

-Conduct molecular characterization of sweetpotato viruses

-Help with Laboratory work related to disease diagnostics.


Improving Cassava for Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Development. PI. The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (2009-2010)


-Transform and multiply TMS 60444 and 12 farmers preferred cassava varieties and carry out molecular characterization of the transgenic lines


Cassava transformation for the longevity of cassava virus resistance in Tanzania. PI. The Rockefellers Foundation (2006-2008).


- Optimized cassava somatic embryogenesis procedures for Tanzanian landraces and breeding lines with Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in progress.                         

-Constructed 3 RNAi gene silencing molecular constructs for silencing of cassava mosaic geminiviruses and cassava brown streak virus in Tanzania

-A lab refurbished for carrying out cassava genetic engineering, the first attempt by the NARs to utilise genetic engineering approach for crop improvement


Characterization of novel DNA satellites associated with cassava mosaic virus disease (CMD). PI. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), (2008-2012),


-Conduct molecular characterization of novel satellites associated with CMD in Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and DRC Congo and establish their status.


Regional cassava biotechnology capacity building project. Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research for eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA), 2008-2010).


-Creating local institutional capacity to genetically modify cassava in Tanzania

-Preparation of molecular constructs

-Development of embryogenic cultures of Tanzanian cassava accessions and cassava transformation


Production of high quality tea “in-vitro” planting materials by tissue culture for smallholder farmers in Tanzania.


Government of Tanzania

Tanzania Commission for science and technology



To produce high quality tea planting material through tissue culture to small holder farmers


To characterize Tanzania’s tea genotypes using Molecular Markers


Enhancing food security through improved seed systems of appropriate varieties of cassava, potato, and sweet potato resilient to climate change in Eastern Africa


SIDA Swedish international development cooperation agency




To contribute to food and nutrition security and income generation through evolution and deployment of varieties of cassava, sweet potato, and potato that are adapted to climate change in diverse agro-ecologies and institutionalize efficient seed multiplication and delivery system in eastern Africa.


Rice molecular characterization


Eastern African Agricultural Productivity project 2010 - 2014


To investigate the genetic diversity and the dna fingerprinting of rice genotypes using SSR markers


To determine rice markers for quantitative trait loci (QTL) for drought.


Water efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA)


African Agriculture Technology Foundation (AATF)


Five year project 2008 -2013


To enhance food security by producing and availing drought tolerant and insect protected maize seed to farmers in sub-saharian Africa royalty free